The Best Reasons NOT to Believe: Jesus is NOT the Only Way to Heaven
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Sun, Mar 26, 2017
Part 4 of the series "The Best Reasons NOT to Believe"<br /> John 14:1-6<br /> Rev. Jock Hendricks<br /> Alice Drive Baptist Church<br /> 2017-03-26
Series:The Best Reasons NOT to Believe.   Passages: John 14:1-6    Teacher: Jock Hendricks

LIFE GROUP Discussion Guide

Is Jesus the only way to heaven?  John 14: 1-6 3-26/27-2017 ADBC


Note to Leaders: Every small group is different, so we are providing a summary study with additional resources in the Going Deeper section. Please choose the questions that relate best to your particular group.


Starter: What do most of your friends think about Jesus?


Engage and Connect

  • DO you feel Christianity is Exclusive?  Why?
  • Is that good or bad?
  • Why do people feel comfortable saying that Jesus was a good man, a good teacher?
  • Why are people in general not comfortable with Jesus being the only way to heaven?
  • Of Jesus’ teachings, what were his most important points?
  • Do you feel you have accepted his teachings but not his Lordship?
  • Is Jesus the only way to heaven?  Why or why not.


Dig deeper: Case for Christ, Lee Strobel – The Reason for God, Tim Keller – Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

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