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Sun, Feb 19, 2017
Part 3 of the series "Love Stinks"<br /> Ruth 3:5-11<br /> Dr. Clay Smith<br /> Alice Drive Baptist Church<br /> 2017-02-20
Series:Love Stinks   Passages: Ruth 3:11-17    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

LIFE GROUP Discussion Guide

Love Stinks: Risk Ruth 3:11-17 2-19/20-2017 ADBC –




Note to Leaders: Every small group is different, so we are providing a summary study with additional resources in the Going Deeper section. Please choose the questions that relate best to your particular group.


Starter: When have you seen hurt in a relationship, not because of someone being mean, but because of life happening?


Engage and Connect

  • Read Ruth 3
  • How do you think Ruth feels when she headed to the threshing floor?  Try to come up with many feeling words as possible.
  • What thoughts do you think went through Boaz’s mind when he heard Ruth’s proposal?
  • Tell about someone you know who is frightened to take be vulnerable with God.  Why do you think they have that fear?
  • How do you need to be vulnerable with God?  Is it to ask His help?  Is to seek His protection?  Is to ask Him to provide for you?
  • Boaz promises to clear out the legal obstacles for Ruth.  What obstacles do you see God clearing out for you?


Prayer:  Father, be my redeemer.  Let me take refuge under your wings of grace, the wings of Jesus, Amen.

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